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Guide to building your profile



If your goal is to get your profile in front of potential clients who visit our site every day in search of legal representation. Then maximize your exposure by adding information about your background, legal services, and practice areas.



Upload your picture

Uploading a professional looking picture to your profile can get your profile more leads than without one. Like the saying, “use a picture. It’s worth a thousand Word.”


Add your Contact information

Make sure your contact information such as email address, telephone number and Physical location address are accurate. Potential clients would need these Information to get in touch with you. Adding your social media profiles can greatly boost your leads too.


Select your practice area

By selecting your practice areas, you’re showcasing your areas of expertise. Clients with legal problems within your practice areas can use such info as a determining factor to initiate contacts with you.


Fill out your Experience and Credentials

Information about your experience and credentials are what make you unique and sets you apart from others. Remember to highlight key milestones such as, the law school you attended, year of admission to the Bar,and positions held. Go ahead, showcase your achievements!


Ask for reviews and endorsements

Yes, you can actively solicit reviews from satisfied clients and endorsements from your legal associates. Reviews from happy clients you have represented in the past are your words-of-mouth promotion that cost you nothing but blows your triumphed. Endorsements from your legal colleagues are like references that attest to your ethical standing and professionalism. Attorneys with Positive reviews and endorsements are 10 times more likely to be contacted.


Post an article, be an author. can also be a repository of legal information for both lawyers and clients.  A platform to make law related articles and information freely available to everyone. With your contribution, the sky is our limit! Posting a Legal article or a blog can also add to your profile reputation. Go ahead, be an author!