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The legal directory for Diaspora

Our mission is simple, connect clients who are Diasporas and living in another country with lawyers in their country of origin. According to the United Nations’ Population Fund, as of 2015, about 244 million people lived outside their country of origin. This means that approximately 3.3 percent of the world’s population are immigrants living in a foreign country. Although their country of residence may have become their adopted home, some Diasporas still have business roots and family ties to their country of origin. It can often be a difficult task, and also expensive for this group of people to connect with a lawyer in their country of origin. This shouldn't be the case. Neo Lawyers is a medium to bridge this gap. Our mission is to make it easier for a Diaspora anywhere in the world to connect with a lawyer in their country of origin. 

Neo Lawyers legal directory is also aimed at facilitating inter country transactions between lawyers by promoting collaborations between lawyers, law firms and other legal entities across continents. Individual or corporate clients with legal needs that transcend domestic or international boundaries would have the opportunity to network, and connect with a group of highly qualified lawyers and law firms within the United States and around the world at no cost.

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